About Us

Simply Awesome Sites was created as an outgrowth of our parent company, YTE Consulting. Bill Osborne founded YTE (Your Technology Expert) as a means to develop custom software for small- and medium-sized businesses. Realizing that “big data” wasn’t just for large, international corporations and governments, Bill created YTE to help give businesses an edge over their competitors. As a result, we have served clients in industries as diverse as real estate, travel, construction, energy, food service, and more.

One thing we learned quickly with YTE was that high-quality, affordable web design was difficult to find. Clients were forced to spend thousands of dollars, use do-it-yourself tools, or use whatever tools Facebook gave them. Simply Awesome Sites was developed to fill that void! We know that local businesses need high-quality sites to attract and retain customers. Simple, “no frills” websites reflect poorly on businesses and with the majority of websites being viewed on mobile devices, the old methods were failing.

We have developed methods to deliver custom, high-quality websites for our clients for an affordable price. Oh, we also do it quickly! Remember the adage that you can’t have Quality, Speed, and Affordability? The idea was that you can only pick two. Wrong! We’ve proven that when you combine all three, the results are… Simply Awesome!

Bill Osborne

Bill Osborne


“I have a tremendous number of interests and have been blessed with a skill set nearly as large. My background includes six years in the Nuclear Navy during the first Gulf War, twenty years in the real estate industry, over a decade as an artist, and overriding passions for anything creative, learning new concepts and for helping people.

“An entrepreneur at heart, I always have several different projects working at any given time, including many based on my Christian faith. My projects run the gamut from technology to games, real estate to photography, art to writing, mentoring to music.

“At the heart of it all is a deep and abiding love for people and helping others succeed.

“Thanks for stopping by. I hope our paths will cross one day.”